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We carry a wide range of salon professional products to suit the needs of all hair types.

Our most popular brands are showcased below.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries about our product lines.    

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New Smoothing


Incredibly Smooth, Frizz Free Hair of Your Dreams!

Magic Sleek is an anti-frizz & keratin smoothing treatment. A step above a traditional keratin treatment, Magic Sleek delivers a power dose of keratin smoothing properties to your hair. 

Your hair is transformed, removing bulk and frizz, making at home styling almost effortless!

It has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness, and is 100% formaldehyde free containing no methylene-glycol or any other harsh chemicals that produce formaldehyde when heat is applied.

Magic Sleek has none of the health risks or side effects of other products.  This revolutionary treatment can be used on bleached hair, ethnic hair, and even virgin hair. 

Simply by adjusting the technique used,

Magic Sleek can be customized to cater to different hair types and offer a variety of results. 

All with the same three-step system, you can achieve a straight look, straighten the hair while still retaining body, or you can remove frizz, redefining a curl entirely.  

Incredibly versatile, no wonder we love it!

Regarding the Magic Sleek Smoothing Treatment

- Magic Sleek on average lasts up to 5 - 6 months, every individual differs.

- Possible chance Magic Sleek may leave a slight odor in your hair

for a period of time post treatment.

- Possibility of the treatment discoloring or lightening color treated hair, especially any shade of brunette or red.

Blonde, bleached, or highlighted hair is sometimes slightly less subject to

possible discoloration.

- Magic Sleek, however powerful is NOT replacement for a

Japanese Straightening. Some hair styling effort will still be required

on your behalf post treatment.

- Hair coloring CAN be done the same day as your Magic Sleek. Please note that highlighting or the use of hair bleach is NOT allowed for a minimum of weeks after your Magic Sleek Treatment. All same day coloring services are left to the discretion of your stylist.

Call for your free Magic Sleek consultation today!

Regarding the Coppola Keratin Treatment

- The Coppola Keratin Treatment on average lasts up to 3 - 4 months,

 every individual differs.

- Possible chance of post treatment odor & possible

discoloration of color treated hair.

- Use of Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner for aftercare IS required with the

Coppola Keratin Treatment.

- Excessive shampooing of hair or continued Chlorine exposure will greatly shorten the lifespan of your Coppola Keratin Treatment.

- All hair coloring, including the use of bleach CANNOT be done the same day as your Coppola treatment. A minimum of 2 - 3 days must pass. Please note that all hair coloring services post treatment are left to the discretion of your stylist.



We are more than happy to answer any further questions or concerns regarding either of these extremely popular treatments we provide!

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