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Why Organic?

Permanent Vegan Hair Color
A Healthier & More Ethical Way to Color Your Hair!
Our Most Popular & Requested Hair Color of Choice!
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Organic Color Systems

is the first ever vegan friendly, ammonia, paraben and resorcinol FREE, salon professional permanent hair color.

This product optimized the use of natural and certified organic ingredients and minimized the use of harsh chemical additives. These permanent colors are gluten free, high performing and contain the lowest possible levels of PPD pigment (the essential ingredient needed to make permanent hair color, well.. permanent).

The patented and dermatologically tested gel formula features a unique blend of natural and certified organic ingredients, which work to nourish and protect your hair during the coloring process and prevent damage.  

With 64 inter-mixable shades in the range, the permanent colors work within the hair’s optimum pH levels.  This allows us colorists to create beautiful, long-lasting color for our clients without inhaling any chemical odor associated with traditional permanent hair color.

An environmental bonus beyond your hair, this product is biodegradable & can be safely washed down the sink.

  • Non-GMO ingredients 

  • 100% Ammonia free

  • Not tested on animals

  • Organic ingredients

  • Vegan

Key Organic Ingredients

Gluten free wheat protein - Protects and 

improves shine & softness.

Comfrey - Softens, detangles & adds shine.

Aloe Vera - Moisturizes & soothes the scalp.

Orange - Strengthens and prolongs color retention.

Grapefruit - Conditions & helps lock in color.


As with all hair color services, individuals with a skin sensitivity or a known allergy should always request a "patch test" prior to use of any colorant or dye product.







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